Roastbeef’s Promise

*The First Post…
January 6, 2009, 5:31 pm
Filed under: wisdom

Okay Roastbeef lovers, grab your pickle and spicy mustard cause here we go… “Three Minutes To Post” the blog announcer screams. The blog readers of the world nervously anticipate what the first blog will be about…
“One minute to post!” Is the last warning sounded, and the bets are that the post will be about Pop Tarts, but the late money has it: some kind of rant about Figs. The long-shot is about Madonna’s daughter needing a shave.
AND THEY’RE OFF, like a prom dress after three Dixie cups of warm champagne….
Down the stretch they come it’s anyones race: Figs in front, Pop Tarts creeping up, and Madonna’s hairy daughter is gaining ground. At the finish it’s MADONNA’S HAIRY DAUGHTER BY A NOSE!!

So, here’s the first blog…. What’s up with Madonna, one of the richest women in the world, not buying her pre-teen daughter a fifty cent disposable Bic razor to shave off her wispy little mustache? It’s getting thicker and darker everytime I see a picture of her in Us Magazine. Come on, shave that thing or start working on a Groucho Marx impersonation would ya!

Blog #1 I’m Out…..