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*Top 10 Hidden Items In The Stimulus Package
February 12, 2009, 9:58 pm
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10. $250 million in H&R Block gift cards for Obama’s tax-cheating cabinet members.
9. $1.4 billion for “green” rechargeable batteries for the “Hope & Change” robots.
8. $700 million for an environmental impact report on “trash talk” in pro sports.
7. $200 million for construction of a Ticket Scalper’s Hall of Fame.
6. $500 million to study the correlation between collagen lips and the obsession of collecting babies (study subjects: Angelina Jolie and Nadya Suleman).
5. $1.2 billion in partial unemployment benefits for people who “don’t really like their job that much ‘n stuff.”
4. $5 million in oral hygiene products to clean Michele Obama’s enormous horse-like teeth for four years.
3. $200 million for… oh, somethin’
2. $40 for a carton of smokes for the nicotine-addicted Chief.
1. $500 million to study why Asian guys turn red when they drink booze.


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I believe Letterman bought this from Roastbeef for the Latenight crowd!

Comment by Beth

i hope letterman bought this. america needs to know the truth!
it’s priceless…

Comment by bp

You forgot about the $800 billion to start undoing the last 8 years…or as I like to call it, “Our National Abortion”.


Comment by SonOfSpam

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Comment by Gisela Mauk

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