Roastbeef’s Promise

*Uncle Sam is brew stingy!
January 13, 2009, 10:32 pm
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So I just heard that for this year’s Super Bowl, our fighting men and women in Iraq will be allowed TWO BEERS while they watch the game! TWO BEERS?! These guys are in the prime drinking years of their lives… When I was 18-22 TWO BEERS on Super Bowl Sunday wouldn’t have gotten me to the pre-game show!! Is stingy Uncle Sam gonna ration the bean dip too?
Are they giving out peanuts by rank? Privates get 4 peanuts, corporals 6, …. and the General gets the nachos!
That’s why I’m starting a charitable foundation called “Kegs-4-R-Fightin’ Kids.” With your help we’ll get our fightin’ kids good and liquored up this Super Bowl Sunday! To donate, go to your neighborhood liquor store, grab a 30 pack of Bud and walk right out of the store. If they stop you, tell them it’s for our Fightin’ Kids, and they’ll probably salute you and tell you that you’re doing God’s work.” If not, you may be spending Super Bowl Sunday in the klink, where you can make some of that “prisoner wine” from fermented raisins in your jail cell’s toliet (I learned that on Lock-up) God bless our troops!


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My f___ing tax money is going to those 2 beers…better be Keystone at best!

Comment by SonOfSpam

Can’t they just visit a little liquor store there in Iraq to get more? Just wonderin’..

Comment by Beth

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